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A Huge Thank You for Supporting our Lombok Fundraising

We far exceeded our recent fundraising expectations thanks to your generosity! The total amount raised by partners, colleagues and friends through on and offline donations reached an impressive US$11,673. We were overwhelmed by the support shown from all members of the community. Your donations made an immediate positive impact on the ground in Lombok, with emergency aid provided to those most in need.

With the funds we were able to purchase:

Eight portable generators, eight water pumps; water filters; hoses; eight large water storage tanks and a good amount of tarpaulin.

Alongside our partner TUGU Hotels, staff from Destination Asia Indonesia worked around the clock to transport emergency equipment using company vans. The first generators were purchased on 9 August, with our teams delivering them in Lombok into the early hours of Sunday 12 August.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to set up four fully operational emergency stations in Lombok. Owing to extra donations, we were also able to deliver a further eight water tanks, four generators, four water pumps plus extra hoses and water filters on Wednesday 15 August. As a long standing member of the community and with so many colleagues, friends and family affected by the recent earthquakes, we would once again like to thank everyone for their generous support.

e: indonesia@destination-asia.com

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