Atypical Breakfast in Style


 Pho-Food_63276757Tai chi & pho at Hoan Kiem Lake

Head to Hoan Kiem Lake at about 5 am for a one-of-a-kind encounter. Join in or watch as walkers, joggers and tai chi enthusiasts limber up in the half-light. Space is at a premium in the city so this is where the old and young congregate to partake of their early fitness regime. Then once you are hungry, take a seat at one of the surrounding ‘blue stool’ pho restaurants where you can join locals for a traditional pho breakfast.



Alms giving and Laotian coffee

One of the most fondly remembered encounters for many business travelers is the early morning alms ritual. A sacred Laos tradition, this ritual allows delegates in Luang Prabang to engage in local culture. Taking place before sunrise, the idea of alms giving is for Buddhist monks to make merit and collect food for their one meal of the day. To add a touch of adventure, this can be followed by a bicycle ride through the old town. Delegates savor the taste of local authentic Lao Coffee, visit a unique Heritage House situated on the point of the peninsular, and stop at Luang Prabang’s National Museum and the Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center.


cambodia_breakfastSrah Srang picnic breakfast at Angkor

Srah Srang is a one of 4 major “Baray” or Ancient Angkor era reservoirs located in the famous Angkor Archaeological Park near Siem Reap, dating back to the 10th century when it was used as a royal bathing pool. King Jayavarman II modified Srah Srang in the 12th century, adding a handsome laterite landing stage at its western end, close to Banteay Kdei temple and the jungle temple of Ta Prohm. Measuring 700 by 350 meters, it makes for a scenic sunrise or sunset location on which to dine. Scenic Khmer or Western picnic breakfasts can be arranged as part of a temple touring option to create a unique morning experience.


malaysia_breakfastDanum Valley dawn breakfast

This arrangement is specially designed for couples preferring privacy as they enjoy an early morning breakfast at Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW), Danum Valley while overlooking the beautiful sunrise. Before the break of dawn guests are driven to GAW where a light breakfast is served by your guide. As guests dine it is possible to spot wildlife such as wild boar, civet, leopards or gibbon. One of the most common sights while enjoying breakfast here is birds of prey soaring in the sky above.


Borobudur sunrise breakfast

Enjoy a gourmet picnic breakfast with unhindered panoramic views of the famous Borobudur Temple before you. Under the shade of ancient pines, guests can indulge in a relaxing and delicious breakfast while enjoying unobstructed view of this historic wonder. Once breakfast is complete, they can then explore the temple for themselves. Many travelers say the best view of Borobudur Temple is from Dagi Hill, where it is rumored an exotic temple lies waiting to be rediscovered.


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