Distinctly Different Dining


Bagan_DiningTemple landscape dinner in Bagan

Enjoy a unique dinner served against the breathtaking backdrop of Bagan’s enchanting temple dotted skyline; a plain strewn with thousands of temples and stupas. Dining amidst the temples within Bagan’s Archaeological Zone is a highlight that delegates will fondly remember. We recommend arriving by local horse cart to add an extra special touch to the evening’s events – a local service we are happy to provide.

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dining in the dark

Dining in the dark

A restaurant in total darkness – a complete sensory experience. This unique gastronomic journey over-rides the optic nerve to let all other senses take the lead. Every sound, movement, taste and breath is an adventure! You may think it’s a challenge, or simply a unique experience of learning and discovery, but simply trust our expert guides to lead you through the dining experience to discover the true power of your senses. The surprise menus are designed to take guests on a gastronomic adventure, where the true flavors and tastes of food have not been influenced by your sight.

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Singapore River_dinner

Bumboat cocktail cruise and seafood dinner

Take a leisurely bumboat cruise on the Singapore River and discover why this waterway has been affectionately dubbed, ‘The River of Life’. Onboard the boat guests are served their choice of wine, soft drinks or Singapore’s very own Tiger Beer accompanied by a range of tasty snacks. We pass by historical sites, monumental architectural wonders, vibrant riverside walkways and structures that highlight the remarkable transformation of Singapore from colonial trading post to modern metropolis. Stepping of the boat we then proceed to a local seafood restaurant and get ready to tuck into some delectable local seafood – amongst these is the world-famous Singapore Chili Crab!

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Japanese ramen noodleFukuoka ramen street stalls

Take a stroll with a local guide through the Nakasu district in Fukuoka city center. Fukuoka’s open air food stands (yatai) are possibly the city’s best known feature. Yatai can generally seat about seven or eight people and provide an atmospheric outdoor environment to enjoy various foods. There are over 150 yatai scattered across Fukuoka but the best place to find them is on the southern end of Nakasu Island. Located in the middle of the city, Nakasu Island has a long row of around 20 yatai that line the water’s edge. Here we tuck into a steaming bowl of tonkotsu ramen, one of the city’s must-try specialties.

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