Kompheim Local Village Walk and Talk

This short walking tour (approximately 2 km) is an excellent introduction to traditional Cambodian life. The ‘Village Walk and Talk’ tour departs at 9:30am or 2.30pm, and takes roughly two hours to complete. The destination is Kompheim Village, located around 30 minutes by tuk tuk from Siem Reap Town. Many of the villagers move between places day to day to make their living. The village is situated close to the rice plains spreading out from the Tonle Sap Lake, creating a beautiful visual setting.

This program enables guests to visit a village and encounter people going about their daily lives. It is an opportunity to meet local people and interact with them in a respectful and meaningful way, with no negative impact. Photo opportunities abound as a guide provides information on the village and the people who live here. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about life in Cambodia while standing in its core – the local village. We also visit the HUSK Community Centre and workshop, read more about their work here:  www.huskcambodia.org

e: cambodia@destination-asia.com

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