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Please Help us Raise Emergency Relief Funds for Lombok

A devastating magnitude 7 earthquake struck Lombok Island in Indonesia on August 5, causing extensive damage and destruction. People remain without housing, food, water and are in urgent need of medical supplies – especially in the area of Northern Lombok. Many people are afraid to return and sleep under their roofs as the walls are in very poor condition.

Destination Asia Indonesia staff are working on the ground both with other local DMCs and suppliers to purchase and transport emergency supplies to those who need them most. These efforts are being hampered as not all boats are running between Bali and Lombok, and extra funds are required to support the provision of essential items.

We are collecting funds to set up emergency stations that are desperately needed. A station requires generators, water pumps, water filters, hoses, water storage tanks, tarpaulins, mats and tents. Each emergency station costs $USD2500 to set up. We hope to provide enough funds for two stations.

Please help those who are desperate by making any donation you can. All donations will go directly to providing emergency provisions for those most in need on the island of Lombok.

Please click here to donate

Our donation page will close Monday August 13, 11:59 pm UTC.

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