The Contrasting Faces of Saigon

Leave downtown Saigon for a short drive over Khanh Hoi bridge towards District 4 and gain a different perspective of daily life in Saigon. Separated by just a few kilometers – these two places are worlds’ apart.

We commence the program in Ton Dan street to see Saigonese in the morning before taking to the side streets and alleyways to reach a tiny pagoda where guests can stop for a break. Wet then head to Xom Chieu where the morning market will be in full swing with buyers and vendors haggling over prices. From the market we drive to Tan Thuan bridge and District 7 for a walk along the river. Lines of boats are docked along its bank selling fruits and produce grown in local farms from around the Mekong Delta.

Before heading back into the city a stop is made at Phu My Hung community, a Garden City with numerous parks and green spaces. The entire community is encompassed by water and has a very different feel when compared to the city of Saigon. This immersive program really digs below the surface of life in Southern Vietnam, exposing the contrasting ways of life for its people

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