A Journey Through Historical Jianshui Old Town

Asia Talk-ChinaJianshui Old Town is located in southeast Yunnan and is approximately 220 kilometers from Kunming. Those who visit will discover a fascinating 1,200 year history, graced with a rich cultural heritage that can still be witnessed today. There are numerous buildings of historic value and places of great interest, including over 100 temples, academies and private residences that have been well maintained – such as the Zhu Family Garden, Confucius Temple and Double Dragon Bridge.

Jianshui Old Town remains an important cornerstone of Yunnan and an obligatory stop on route from Kunming to Vietnam. One experience not to miss out on here is a ride on the sightseeing train, which itself dates back over 100 years. Constructed under the order of French diplomats, it remains one of the few existing meter-gauge railways in China.

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