600-year old distillery discovered in China

Our latest excursion in China takes guests on a journey dating back 600 years.  In 1408 Master Wang founded Shui Jing Distillery, celebrating prestige through the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties by enhancing and refining an original recipe to create an exquisite line of Baijiu – a strong distilled spirit enjoyed across China. Then in 1998 a liquor production workshop was being renovated on Shui Jing Street in Chengdu City and came upon the relics of a large-scale ancient distillery – later found to be the original Shui Jing Distillery.

Destination Asia has created a program introducing guests to China’s first Baijiu Distillery, also recognized as the oldest in the world. The private tour includes sampling a number of Shui Jing Fang varieties; each produced using intricate methods such as distilling through Shunan bamboo charcoal. A new museum detailing its history adjoins the distillery, allowing guests to acquire a deeper understanding. The distillery also features as part of a new culinary tour of Chengdu, where guests can experience the famous flavors of Sichuan over the course of two food-filled days.

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