Ancient Huang Yao Day Trip Discovery

We are now offering a full day experience introducing travelers to the wonderful ancient town of Huang Yao, a historical settlement with a history dating back thousands of years. Situated in the northeast of Zhaoping, by the lower reaches of the Li River, Huang Yao is easily reached by car from Yangshuo just 130km away.

Once in Huang Yao we explore the regions fascinating karst topography with a local guide who discusses the geological importance of the landscape. The town’s architecture is also of great intrigue. Many of the buildings were constructed using single colored blue bricks and black tiles to create a visual spectacle unique to the area. Almost every part of the town presents a typically Chinese scene with marvelous photo opportunities.

During the day we sample delicacies from the ancient town to gain a deeper appreciation for local life. Specialties from the area include tofu, mushroom fried rice cake, sweet potato and tea. People from the town are very hospitable and forthcoming, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for those traveling in the region.

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