Appreciating an Artist’s Impression of Myanmar

This is an exclusive experience allowing travelers to meet with an artist and view his/her personal collection. This may be in their home, workshop or shared art space with fellow artists. It will not be a walking tour as it requires extra transportation. A graduate from the State School of Fine Art, Nyein Chan Su (NCS) was born in Yangon and is one of the talented artists with whom we are working with. His artworks are in the permanent collections of Singapore Art Museum and Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan. His workshop is a small space bursting with color and creativity, tucked away in an unassuming building.

He is part of the abstract expressionist movement and his distinctive style produces very poetic scenes whilst setting very different moods: dark and mysterious or soft pastel dreams. It is recognizable with lively brushworks, original color combinations and new colors produced by overlay of different brush strokes. Sky, land and man, the eternal traveler, are the main subjects in his works to give an impression of open space. Nyein Chan Su experiments with different styles and has lately produced a compelling series with watercolors.

e: [email protected]

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