Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Opens Dhawa Jinshanling

Operated by Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, the first Dhawa hotel in China opened its doors in Jinshanling, Beijing on 1st September 2018. Dhawa is Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts’ third brand in the Chinese market. The new brand has been created to cater to design-savvy travelers who seek distinctive experiences.

A two-hour drive from Beijing and located at the foot of the Great Wall, Dhawa Jinshanling offers a medley of China’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary touches. Mountain or garden views are offered from 200 rooms. The Jinshanling section of the Wall totals 10.5 kilometers, and was built during the Ming Dynasty in 1368 AD. It features two beacon towers and 67 combat towers, offering plenty of vantage points to view the surrounding area and making it one of the best sections of the Wall for photography enthusiasts. This section of the Great Wall is one of the best-preserved parts of the entire structure – the last time this relatively remote and isolated section was repaired was in 1570.

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