Bike Ride to River Island Close to Yangon

Asia Talk-MyanmarThis exciting biking program has also become our most popular. Leading guests out of Yangon, we cross the Yangon River from a local jetty in the downtown colonial area and step off into Dalla. Surrounded by locals carrying everything from chickens to fruit and fresh vegetables, we then pass the Twante Canal to arrive at a lovely car-free island in the river. Cycling along country lanes and past charming old houses, it’s a stark contrast to the bustle of the city on the other side of the river. We can also organize a picnic in the shade of a group of trees.

Taking just 4 hours to finish the excursion, this cycling tour is suitable for everyone. On the way back we also pass a village where trishaws and motorbikes are the main form of transport. See friendly local ladies passing back and forth from the market with piles of fresh produce – many of whom will wave and say hello.

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