Cambodia Praised for COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Management

Cambodia has been ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) among the top nations in the world with the best COVID-19 containment and impact management and has been praised for avoiding a large-scale breakout. The Bureau de Prospective Economique (BPE) of Senegal has also placed Cambodia in third place among the 166 studied nations across the world, and first place in Asia in terms of the Kingdom’s effective measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and handle its fallouts.

The accolades by the WHO and BPE are attributed to the successful preventive and control measures of COVID-19 under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the unwavering support and cooperation of local Cambodians.

Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism has already prepared a roadmap and plans to rehabilitate and promote Cambodia’s tourism sector in and after the COVID-19 pandemic under ‘Cambodia – Kingdom of Wonder, Feel the Warmth’ on both local and international stages.

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