China’s Little-Known Ancient Medieval Town

Asia Talk-china Nov16Experience Old China at its very best. The Ancient Town of Langzhong provides a window into China’s emphatic past. A 2,300 year old historic city tucked away in remote northern Sichuan, Langzhong boasts one of the world’s most stunning medieval townscapes. Stroll by a number of private scholar’s mansions from the Ming and Qing dynasties as we immerse in the highlights of a bygone era. Those with an interest in classical Chinese culture and architecture will discover plenty to keep them on their toes. Visitors can absorb the wonders of Zhangfei Temple, commemorating a famous general of the Three Kingdoms period; Wander through Gongyuan, the only fully preserved Examination Hall in China; or simply ponder in the presence of a Confucius Temple dating back to the Qing dynasty (1644 – 1912). Combined with walks through historic quarters and the fresh scent of fried dumplings in the morning, we guarantee an unforgettable couple of days in Langzhong Ancient Town.

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