Brand New Beneath the Surface Walking Tour of Yangon

Bogyoke market is the starting point of our two kilometer colonial walking tour taking you through the bustling city center streets. This vibrant market is a labyrinth of stalls overflowing with goods from all over the country including bamboo slippers, painted paper umbrellas, precious stones, colorful fabrics and a vast array of paintings. Exiting the market, we catch a glimpse of the magnificent Burma Railways Office set to become a luxurious Peninsula hotel once restored. From here we stroll past a number of religious communities that live side by side and 1920s colonial style residential buildings before reaching Sule pagoda, a golden landmark at the heart of the city.

We also take time out in the ornately designed city parks, admire a range of architectural types that the city offers and explore one of Yangon’s finest art museums. We provide two alternative options to end the walking tour – one with coffee in the former Sofaer & Co trading building; the other in The Strand hotel bar with refreshments. It is often said the authors Kipling, Neruda, Orwell and Somerset Maugham frequented The Strand during their time in colonial Rangoon.

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