Discover the Shaanxi Countryside by Vintage Jeep

Destination Asia China is excited to offer a new tour from Xi’an going off the beaten path in the Shaanxi countryside by vintage convertible jeep: a Beijing Jeep 212. This is a Chinese version of a Russian off-roader, loosely based on a Land Rover Defender. After pick-up by vintage jeep in Xi’an, guests find themselves snaking through the back roads and past open picturesque landscapes in Shaanxi province. We then explore some of the history and culture of China’s famous Loess Plateau, the cradle of Chinese civilization, before stopping at a collection of small ancient villages to see a distinctly different way of life.

At one visit they stop at a traditional blacksmiths, the owner forging weapons famous from Chinese mythology. At another, they find themselves walking through a local market sampling traditional flavors. Guests also get to see jade carving; a precious mineral indigenous to the province. Other highlights include the Thousand Buddha Temple – full of priceless Buddhist sculptures that have stood the test of time; and a wine tasting session at a beautiful local winery owned by the famous architect Ma Laoshi situated at the foot of a mountain. Finally, guests make their way back to downtown Xi’an along a single-line mountain road offering some of the most stunning views of the day.

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