Giant Buddha Statue Uncovered in Guizhou Province

Guizhou is a province home to more than 10 ethnic groups, a diverse range of cultures and endless natural wonders. It was recently discovered the region is also home to a giant Buddha statue located in Guiyang. The stone Buddha, carved into the face of a mountain has gone relatively unknown for centuries, standing 50 meters tall and dating back thousands of years. According to local legend, during the Tang dynasty, Master Hai Nang and his disciple Haitong decided to erect two large Buddha statues in the mountains, building them as large as possible so they would not be destroyed by any natural disasters.

The apprentice left Guiyang and travelled to Leshan while the master remained, too weak to start the journey. Unfortunately, Hai Nang died before finishing his work and the Buddha was covered by vegetation for thousands of years.

The province today is home to countless minority ethnic groups, all with their own unique culture and customs. During our seven-day trip, visitors will get to explore mountains and lakes, caves and waterfalls. Visitors will also come into contact with great cultural diversity by visiting numerous villages such as Langde Long-skirt Miao village and the Zhaoxing Dong Village, where they can enjoy a traditional performance.

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