Immersing in Local Folk Customs at Recently Opened LUX* Tea Horse Road Dali

Nestled between soaring mountains and one of China’s largest freshwater lakes, the recently opened LUX* Dali is a balance of old and new, grand and charming, historic and forward-thinking. Inspired by the iconic local architecture, the splendid hotel takes on the spirit of Dali to fully integrate with the natural scenery and folk customs native to the region

The impeccably styled, centrally-located gem has sweeping views of Erhai Lake and welcomes travellers and neighbours alike. Offering approximately 180 guest rooms, the resort’s interiors are finished with accents that include pale wood furnishings, marble bathrooms bathed in sunlight, exquisite lighting, and all the luxe comforts. Seven different room categories are available, from cleverly designed rooms with mountain or lake views to an impressive loft and a stylish LUX* suite.

The Tea Horse Road is a legendary route in ancient China, stretching over 2,000km from the Pu’er tea-producing areas of Yunnan to southwest Tibet. With LUX* Dali’s lobby café, chef-driven fine dining, and impressive spa, LUX* Dali is the perfect last stop along the Tea Horse Road to rest and rejuvenate before returning home.

Dali itself offers a perfect place to relax and unwind when exploring Yunnan. For the adventure-hungry, the options for trekking and biking are limitless. When not exploring the surrounding landscapes, there is plenty to keep visitors entertained in the old town.

For inspiration for your next trip to Dali, explore our dedicated China ebook.

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