Learn the Secrets Behind Naxi Silk Embroidery

Asia Talk-China22DecThe Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute is located in Baisha Old Town, the birth place of Naxi culture and a World Cultural Heritage site that sits close to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang. Following a complete renovation in 1999, the institute reopened in 2003 and is now home to 8 Naxi masters, 16 teachers and hundreds of eager students. This stunning institute occupies 1,200 square meters and contains two traditional Naxi courtyards.

Under the guidance of friendly teachers, guests are welcome to stay and learn the methods behind producing Naxi silk embroidery. This can be for a few days or simply a couple hours, allowing guests great insight into an ancient tradition. The mission of the institute is simple: Firstly, to save, preserve and develop Naxi embroidery; and secondly, to teach more local Naxi farmers the methods of embroidery in an attempt to make it one of the main industries for local people.
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