Magnificent Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields

Asia Talk-China12JanThe well photographed terraced rice fields of China are famous across the world, with one area in particular that visitors should not miss. Yuanyang in Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province is framed by spectacular mountain scenery and offers some of the best photo opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Terraced rice paddies have been cultivated here over the past 1300 years by the Hani people, playing a vital role in their lives since ancient times, today representing the fabric of the Hani people’s existence.

The best time to see the terraced rice fields is February and March, when villagers water the terraces in preparation for ploughing. The water in the fields reflects the sunshine to reveal an array of beautiful colors. However, in September when the rice is ripe, the mountains turn a golden yellow color and present yet another fabulous scenery.

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