Monk Novitiation Ceremony in Bagan

In accordance with tradition, each Buddhist male in Myanmar must become a monk in his lifetime. Achieving this noble status requires that he first undergo a traditional novitiation ceremony.

The ceremony is heard before it’s seen, as the parade makes its way from within the village streets to a central field. Riding atop an ox-drawn cart, the young boy or boys are centre stage, the carts and oxen covered in flowers and colourful tributes. With faces covered with powders, they are dressed fancifully to show their devotion to Buddhism. Guests will follow the ceremony from beginning to end with the chance to offer the newly appointed novice items that he may use during his stay at the monastery.

This year-round activity lasts approximately one and a half hours and is suitable for groups of not more than 100 people.

Click on the video below to watch this ceremony unfold in brilliant HD.

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