New Flight Connects Kunming to Europe

Southwest China’s Yunnan province is celebrated for its dramatic natural landscapes containing the most extraordinary sights and fascinating cultural traditions. Many of the country’s ethnic groups reside here, allowing travelers a rare and privileged glimpse into China’s spellbinding civilization. The province has traditionally been difficult to access, with no direct flights from Europe and internal flights or lengthy overland excursions required to reach this stunning region. Now a direct route between Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, and Paris has been launched by China Eastern Airlines. The new route and first intercontinental direct offering for travelers will significantly help to boost tourism in the region.

Destination Asia China offers an enticing selection of programs revealing landmarks such as the Stone Forest and impressive Golden Temple. Eroded by the elements over hundreds of millions of years, the limestone karst formations of the Stone Forest rise up out of the ground like trees of stone to create one of the world’s most impressive sceneries

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