Shanxi Museum is a Success

Destination Asia China staff were thoroughly impressed following a visit to the recently opened Shanxi museum in downtown Tiayuan. The museum for historical relics is the first museum to detail the history of the Jin Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC). Visitors are treated to a visual display of more than 1000 relics from this era after two surprisingly well preserved chariot pits were discovered in Qu’wo county.

Set over four floors and incorporating various themes to help guests understand the items on show, the Shanxi Museum has received excellent reviews since opening in June 2014. Free to visitors, the museum is impressive from first view – appearing as an inverted pyramid and growing in size with each ascending floor. With so much to see it is possible to spend 4-5 hours perusing the historical artifacts, acquiring an intriguing knowledge of Shanxi Province.

Destination Asia China has a wide selection of programs traversing this exceptional province – and now with the museum providing insight to the region’s history, every visitor with leave satisfied in their new found knowledge.

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