STT Ballooning Takes to the Skies of Bagan

The fleet of balloons managed by STT Ballooning are original Cameron Balloons, one of the most experienced and reputable balloon manufacturers based in the United Kingdom. Soaring over the mesmerizing plains of Bagan, each balloon is piloted by an experienced captain with a professional license issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. All ground crews are well-trained with international ballooning operating standards. The balloons carry spacious compartmented baskets, providing passengers with a sense of stability and security when floating over Bagan’s breathtaking views.

STT Ballooning  offer two basket sizes, the ‘classic’, capable of carrying 12-16 passengers, and a more intimate ‘platinum’, carrying up to eight.

Flights generally lift off a few seconds after sunrise (between 6-6:30 am). The actual takeoff time is subject to several factors including weather condition, permission of Air Traffic control and local regulations.

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