The Peaceful Village of Sankar is a Hidden Gem

While Inle Lake is becoming well acquainted with travelers seeking an accessible yet still untouched corner of Asia, Sankar at the southern end of the lake presents a corner of the region where time has stood still. The mountainous lake of Inle is approximately 100 kilometers from north to south and home to 200 villages.

At the southern end a secondary lake connects to Inle Lake via a small channel. This is known as Sankar Lake and the journey to get there is just as exciting as the place itself. Guests pass through a series of sugarcane plantations and bamboo forests lining the water’s edge before being greeted by a collection of ancient stupas that rise majestically out of the water, creating an eerie, breathtaking landscape. This largely untouched Pa-O village is home to a peaceful monastery and friendly locals who are only too happy to introduce the unique beauty of their home.

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