The Porcelain Capital of Jingdezhen in China

While today the term “Made in China” can often evoke the image of a low grade knockoff, this was not always the case. Centuries past, China was renowned for its exquisite arts and crafts. When Europeans first saw Chinese porcelain, it was far superior to anything available elsewhere and highly sought after. Western merchants at this time did not possess the expertise to produce porcelain, but they did know where it came from: The town of Changnan in Jiangxi province, southern China. According to some, Changnan porcelain was so desirable that early traders took to calling the whole country by this town’s name. Over time, the story goes, ‘Changnan’ turned into ‘China’.

Travel to the city of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province and discover the birthplace of porcelain for yourself. The city is just a two-hour flight from Beijing or one-hour flight from Shanghai. In Jingdezhen guests can witness porcelain masters with over five decades’ experience plying their traditional trade; explore the world’s largest wood fired ceramic kiln; and see a selection of the finest porcelain at the ceramic museum. Jingdezhen is not just for pottery buffs; its surrounding countryside offers immensely scenic flower-filled fields and picturesque ancient villages to explore.

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