The Rising Popularity of Chinese Medicine

Recent initiatives undertaken by the Beijing municipal government include the promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in a bid to attract more visitors to the capital city. Little is known outside of China about the traditions of Chinese medicine and without an expert guide, it can be difficult to know where to look for local medicines. As an answer to this problem, Destination Asia China can now take guests into this secretive world by visiting local specialists and exploring the markets with a knowledgeable guide. Our expert guides will identify the sometimes odd looking ingredients and explain how they are ingested and the benefits to them.

Working to develop their offerings of health and wellness, the government is collaborating with museums, hospitals and organizations across Beijing to improve the quality of education in these places and attract more foreign visitors. With the rise of acupuncture, Chinese reflexology & massage and tai chi as viable approaches to improve oneself in the USA and Europe, we see this as a sector within the tourism industry that will continue to grow.

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