The Tibetan Trekking Routes of Shangri-La

Daocheng is teeming with poetic beauty: snow-capped mountains, thick virgin-forests, tranquil lakes, thunderous rivers and hot springs. Its geography is suitable for all manner of outdoor adventures, so whether guests want to experience fishing, canoeing or even hang gliding, we can satisfy their desires. As one of the twenty-four holy lands in the Tibetan tradition, Daocheng is a pilgrimage route for Tibetan Buddhists, who dream of seeing the three snowy mountains known as Khongga Resum Gombo at least once in their lifetime. It is therefore beyond any doubt that the region is a spectacular destination for trekking. Visitors can reinvigorate their mind, body and soul in some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes that are a far cry from the bustle of city-life. Now with new flight connections into Chengdu – our four days adventure in Daocheng awaits the intrepid traveler.


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