Trishaw Foodie Exploration Through the Streets of Mandalay

Myanmar_Trishaw foodie tour_Asia TalkEmbark on a lively tour through the buzzing and culturally awash streets of Mandalay as we nibble our way from breakfast to lunch! It’s common Asia practice to eat little, but often. We stop at a number of charming shophouses that sell tasty delights, and pull up a stool to sip tea while nibbling on snacks as we please.

The day starts with the national breakfast dish; tempura and sticky rice with sesame. Also on the menu is a steaming bowl of ‘mohingar’ and samosa with milk tea (or laphayee) – a trace of Myanmar’s Indian heritage. Besides sampling a range of local culinary treats, another highlight of the tour is the ride itself as we discover Mandalay through its small lanes and leafy avenues from the seat of a trishaw. Our morning of dining and discovery is filled with superb photo opportunities as smiling vendors go out of their way to ensure everyone has a memorable time.

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