Virgin Trails Through Southern Shan State

Staff from the Destination Asia Myanmar/Burma office recently attended a FAM trip in the newly self-administered ethnic area of Southern Shan State. Between the towns of Pindaya and Ywanga is a series of 20 trails that offer incredible trekking, cultural experiences and beautiful landscape where very few tourists visit. The FAM trip was put together in partnership with the local Danu community as well as GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and MIID (Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development).

Destination Asia Myanmar/Burma currently has an office in Inle and is already able to arrange local guide support for nearby trekking routes, as they have been working in the region for some time. However, the trekking in the Danu region is much more diverse than that in nearby Kalaw which has become a very popular location. The routes are incredibly scenic and provide a welcome challenge in some parts, while the meals introduce locally sourced ingredients and are simply delicious.

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