Visit an Authentic Puppet Maker’s Home

This full day tour leaves guests with a unique and treasured awareness of local life in Burma. There are many endearing character traits to Burmese life and the marionette is one that always one to capture the traveller’s imagination.

It is generally believed that the Burmese marionette was developed to depict Buddhist tales as live dancers were considered to impure to impersonate the principal characters of the former incarnations of the Buddha. Leaving the hotel, we travel to a neighborhood in Northeast Yangon where a family business produces puppets in their home. Watch the intricate craftsmanship as they hand craft each puppet before taking a break to sit down with the family and talk about life in Burma over lunch (it’s also a great opportunity to buy a gift).

Following lunch we continue to Htwe Oo Myanmar Traditional Puppet Show, where the puppets used have been created at the family’s home. The stories told depict traditional life in Myanmar and recount a compelling history. After the show we dine at House of Memories restaurant in an old colonial style mansion. The beautiful house still has much of its original antique furniture – doubling as a museum for colonial artefacts with a room named after General Aung San that was once his private office.

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