Visiting the Untouched Great Wall of China

There is no question that the Great Wall of China presents some of the most memorable, extraordinary and cherished memories for any traveler. However, this may now be dependent on which areas of the wall are visited. Some parts have become overwhelmed by tourists, diminishing the worldly experience. In response to this, Destination Asia China take guests on a ‘Remnants of the Great Wall’ journey, away from the mass marketed areas to where a three-plus mile stretch of this ancient structure has yet to be fully renovated. Harking back to the ancient days, the experience allows visitors to imagine what the Wall would have looked like centuries ago.

Guests can make their own mark in history by helping to restore an ancient section of the Great Wall. Guided by a preservation team, guests hand-lay three bricks into the Wall using the same materials that were utilized centuries ago—including mortar containing sticky rice!

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