Yangon’s Chin Tsong Palace to become a Culture Center

The exquisite hundred year old Chin Tsong Palace in Yangon, currently used as a fine arts school under the Ministry of Culture, is being converted into a culture centre and promoted as an engaging new attraction for tourists visiting Burma. Visitors to the renovated centre will be able to see and buy a range of arts and crafts in the five-storey palace. Built between 1915 and 1919, the building was formerly used as the Burma Broadcasting Station, before being converted into Kanbawza Yeiktha hotel in 1951 following World War II.

There is sufficient space to hold exhibitions in the main hall with traditional shows already planned for the small theatre in the adjoining building. The theatre can host up to 100 people, making it a great product for medium sized groups. The renovation follows a string of recent heritage building conversions taking place in Yangon, presenting a growing range of new and exciting products for visitors to the region.

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