Connecting by Air Travel

Travel by air obviously allows the greatest distance to be covered in the shortest time. As such, it enables the combination of countries that do not share borders and have very different cultures. Our multi-country (by air) itineraries provide captivating contrasts as you move between destinations that may or may not share cultural roots.

Travel from the high-octane fueled atmosphere of Hong Kong to Indonesia to experience a much slower pace of life. Greatly contrasting traditions and customs create a compelling journey.

Why not combine two destinations from the Far East that in theory are quite opposing, yet in reality have so much in common. Visually these two immense countries starkly contrast, yet there are a number of elements of Japanese culture with their roots in mainland China.

We are also developing a luxury private jet package that connects Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. This product will make use of the best available motor vehicles while including a number of exclusive experiences in order to provide clients with the pinnacle of travel services and encounters available in our destinations.

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