Craft Beer

Thai Craft Beer is a Hit in Bangkok

With its roots back in United Kingdom’s 1970s, Craft Beer has carved its way straight to Thailand and enjoys great popularity among the younger Thai generation (and expat community). Due to the lack of beer diversity in Thailand, many have been inspired by the Western tradition of beer brewing and are successfully producing local beer which has paved the way for an increasing trend: Craft Beer Bars.

Bangkok has hundreds of craft beer bars offering both local and bottled beer from overseas. So why has Bangkok taken such a liking to craft beer? Well, it is characterized by having its origin in small companies which focus a lot more on quality, flavor and brewing technique of the beer they produce. Especially among beer lovers; craft beer is hugely popular as every time you visit a bar there are options to try new styles of beer.

Bangkok is home to “Chitbeer”, a locally brewed Thai craft beer. Chitbeer’s assortment encompasses 25 various sorts of beer which have been brewed in Thailand or imported from Thai breweries producing overseas. At Weekends, visit Chitbeer Bar on the island Koh Kred to savour a cold beer during the luxury tour “Bangkok 5 Senses” offered by Destination Asia Thailand.

Thailand offers many possibilities to enjoy local brewed beverages such as Phuket Beer, Thailand’s first regional beer or Chalawan Pale Ale, having a smooth flavor with a touch of citrus and many more which are all well worth tasting.

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Craft Beer Tasting in Beijing

Enjoy an all-inclusive evening visiting four local breweries where guests get the opportunity to experience first-hand, how Beijing is playing a pioneering role in the craft beer scene in China. Try over 10 local craft beers, born and brewed in Beijing, all in one night! Guests will hop in a van and relax with a beer as they are taken to the bustling modern area of Beijing to discover Beijing’s best craft breweries over the course of three and a half hours.

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