Crossing Borders by Train

To travel by luxury train is a journey never forgotten. Fine dining while watching the world slowly pass by a bay window, your sleeping quarters a few footsteps away. Travel through mountain valleys, across open plains; in sun, rain, snow or under moonlight as your journey rolls on.

The legendary Eastern Orient Express has been making history since its inaugural journey from Bangkok to Singapore over 25 years ago. Its colonial style carriages echo the spirit of classical Indochina, with polished wood-paneled corridors and silk furnishings. Travel from Bangkok to Singapore, or in the opposite direction from Singapore to Bangkok, passing through the ever changing landscape of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

As technology develops, our options in travel also increase. China’s high-speed rail network has opened up new options to explore not only China, but also the location of its latest terminal – Hong Kong. Taking advantage of its route, we are now working on an itinerary that starts in Beijing and visits a series of exceptional places including Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.

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