Cruising Between Countries

Nothing is quite as memorable or impressive as a riverboat journey through the tropics. We have often combined Southeast Asian countries by boat owing to life-giving water sources such as the mighty Mekong River. We’ve decided to shine a light on Aqua Expeditions as we have been consistently impressed by their high level of service and positive feedback from our clients.

A riverboat journey in Southeast Asia doesn’t only consist of basking on a boat deck and watching the world pass by, quite the opposite. Our experiential journeys combine engaging activities such as biking, kayaking, walking and historical site visits ensuring every traveler connects with the local area they find themselves in.

Follow a historical trail through Vietnam and Cambodia as the Mekong River slowly widens to form the emphatic Mekong Delta. We are also working on a Thailand – Laos combination with Mekong Kingdom to provide further exciting cruise options through some of Asia’s most glorious landscapes.

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