Giving Back: Culture & Heritage Preservation

 Independent Myanmar Craft

Hla Day was established to help independent local artisans build strong and profitable craft businesses. Since 2012, its founders have trained more than 50 producer groups in product design, creative-thinking, financial management and English literacy, while offering them a marketplace for sustainably-produced creations. Supporting small, independent Myanmar craft businesses through training and fair trade access, they have been able to help increase the income of less advantaged community members. One example is a paper mache toy producer. The paper mache producer started in 2009 by making small toys for his son Hla Min which means Moon. It soon grew into a business which now employs thirty people in three locations. The owner aims to combine traditional techniques with modern ideas, creating a wide variety of quirky animal figures made out of hand carved wood molds. Most of the animals are traditionally found at pagoda entrances, even the giraffes and zebras which of course aren’t native to Myanmar! By visiting the producers and learning about their craft, we can help preserve traditional artisan crafts and traditions.

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