Family Activities: For the Baby (0-3 years)

Baby Spa Luxe in Hong Kong

A popular activity in Hong Kong is the ‘Baby Luxe Spa’. It might sound a little extravagant for a baby but the benefits are felt by everyone including the parents. The center’s facilities include individualized spa pools, a large pool for groups and plenty of toys to keep babies entertained. Benefits include sensory stimulation and the chance for parents to relax while their baby is happily learning.

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BabySpa Singapore

The focus of BabySpa is to strengthen and stimulate babies helping improve their physical growth and mental development by means of hydrotherapy. Baby spa treatments are growing in popularity with a number of baby spa outlets opening all over Singapore. From floating in a warm bath to gentle massages, these spas offer great family benefits.

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The Blue House Infant & Toddler Ateliers in Singapore

This drop-in center offers parent accompanied classes for children from 6 to 36 months to arrive and play at their convenience. Ateliers provide babies with an interactive, sensory driven experience, encouraging them to exercise their senses, building vital connections and theories about the world around them. A great way to encourage your child to initiate play, grow in independence and encourage exploration.

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