Five Senses: Heavenly tastes never forgotten

Cambodia 5 Senses (Multi-Day Trip)

A sensual combination of travel through Kep and Siem Reap with highlights including the unforgettable taste of freshly caught crab in Kep market.

Kep’s famous crab market is a hive of activity in the morning and after breakfast alongside a chef, guests visit the local market to observe everyday life and help chef select the freshest seafood for your BBQ lunch later in the day (taste and smell). From here we see the remains of once-glorious 1960s villas that preserve the memory of a pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia before heading to the nearby pier in order to take the short boat ride across the bay to the largely undeveloped island of Koh Tonsai (Rabbit Island). Relaxing on the sandy tree-lined beach is the number one pastime on Koh Tonsai, but for the more active, there is the opportunity to circumnavigate the island along secluded beaches and flat jungle trails. At lunchtime a delicious seafood BBQ is prepared by your private chef before relaxing by the water’s edge.

Next stop is Siem Reap. Unwind with a relaxing spa session (touch) at the Bodia Spa. This spa is dedicated to pampering both body and soul while using only natural, Cambodian-made products. In the later afternoon embark on a unique tour by Khmer Traditional Boat within the Angkor Archaeological Park, while sipping on a refreshing beverage and enjoying some delicious canapés along the way. Depart in a Gondola Boat from the South Gate around Angkor Thom enjoying cocktails on board. This is a quiet ride, far from the crowds, allowing you to enjoy a landscape where history comes to life (sight). We finish with dinner and an Apsara Dance show (hearing). Dancers, singers and musicians bring Ancient Khmer culture to life in spectacular surrounding while you enjoy the very best in Cambodian cuisine. A souvenir booklet will help guide you through every delicate hand gesture and the story behind each dance.

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Malaysia 5 Senses (Day Trip)

Penang is famous for its street food, and that’s definitely the sensory highlight of this day trip! Engage your senses by experiencing the contrast of Penang’s rich cultures as displayed through its natural landscape and flavorsome cuisine.

See the sights of a bustling market as we visit the oldest wet market in the historical city of George Town. Take a stroll through the colorful stalls lining the streets and absorb the sights and sound of this cheerful yet somewhat noisy and bustling market. Treat your taste buds with breakfast at one of the Kopitiam (local coffee shop) by sampling the all-time favorite Roti Bakar and Kopi O (toasted bread and black coffee). Then it’s just a short walk to the lively enclave of Little India where the vibrant fragrance of Indian spices hits your senses. Taste the popular breakfast of Roti Canai and Teh Tarik (Indian flat bread served with curry and “pulled tea”). You will also find a roadside stall selling freshly fried samosa along with other local Indian snacks and desserts.

Next visit the Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck offering stunning seamless views of George Town and beyond at 249m above ground. Meanwhile the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65 also features a glass walkway that lets you watch the world go by below. Next, we move on to the Tropical Spice Garden that is spread over 8 acres of jungle valley. Before returning to the hotel, stop to enjoy a drink near the beach to just simply relax and listening to the calming sound of the waves.

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Singapore 5 Senses (Day Trip)

Prepare your senses for overdrive as we ‘go east’ and embark on this exciting ‘Katong Kaleiscope’ foodie expedition. Katong is a quaint and charming corner in the eastern suburbs of Singapore that is popularly recognised by Singaporeans as a Peranakan heritage enclave. Once filled with coconut plantations and used as a weekend retreat by wealthy city dwellers, Katong developed into a residential suburb by the early 20th century. It became populated by a growing English-educated middle class, including Peranakans and Eurasians. The plantations have since gone, but one can still admire this vibrant neighbourhood’s many well-preserved Peranakan shophouses and scattering of colonial bungalows.

Today, locals (and tourists alike) flock to Katong to see and admire the colorful rows of old Peranakan houses, touch and bring home unique Peranakan gift items such as batik handicrafts, beaded shoes or handbags and nonya porcelainware. We walk and smell the enticing aromas before tasting the delectable flavors of the various foods to be found in Katong’s tempting eateries (especially the famous nonya noodle-dish of Katong laksa!). Last but not least, hear fascinating stories and insights about the history and heritage of the Peranakan people and their charming enclave of Katong.

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