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Bali Photography Expedition

With a vibrant culture, fascinating architecture and verdant lush landscapes, Bali is one of the most photogenic environments on the planet. The Balinese people are generally happy to be photographed; however, there is an art to capturing their spiritual essence in a frame. This exceptional tour will enable visitors to not only take breathtaking images of Bali, but also bestow them with skills that will transform all of your travels and journeys through life. Whether a beginner or skilled photographer, our team of professionals will drive you to the most picturesque locations and guide you in developing your own creative vision.

Capture an idyllic sunrise over the island’s sparkling rice fields, visit ancient temples and morning markets. Attend a traditional Balinese ceremony to capture the beauty of life here. Our professional photographer has lived in Indonesia for many years and is the author of three cultural photography books. He is also a spokesperson for the indigenous Dayak people of Kalimantan. He along with his team of professional photographers deliver a photo tour that divulges new photography techniques on how to capture the culture and spirit of a place.

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Chinese Tea Expert

Vivian Mak and her team have become synonymous with tea in Hong Kong and there is no better way to gain a better understanding on this favorite Hong Kong drink than with a true expert. Vivian has conducted over 1000 tea tasting workshops and events with an audience of more than 10,000 people since 2008. All workshops and events are interactive, unique and fun and can be specified to different themes or interests. Traditional Tea Tasting workshops will introduce guests to how tea is produced from plantation to cup, whilst tea pairing workshops can show how this delicious hot cup of goodness can be enjoyed with both Chinese and Western cuisines as well as anything from chocolate to cheese!

Taking place at a remote factory building in Taikoo on Hong Kong Island, our program allows visitors to explore teas and tea wares during a tea tasting session. The interactive and refreshing workshop aims to revitalize the art of authentic Chinese tea with a modern twist.

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The Teochew Puppet and Opera House in Penang

A visit to the Teochew Puppet & Opera House tells the story of a retired Teochew opera actress and her enthusiasm for Teochew culture; revealed through customary costumes and puppets. Ancient traditions live on at the Teochew Puppet & Opera House in Penang, where live shows, workshops and demonstrations ensure there is continued appreciation when it comes to the present generation. It’s the first place in Malaysia dedicated to the performance and appreciation of Teochew art. It’s a place where the history of Teochew opera comes to life and visitors can witness the qualities of an aged hand-copied script or experience the working of opera puppets. With Destination Asia, guests can even learn the steps of applying full opera makeup and dressing up in layers of costume before adorning the intricate and elaborate headgear to complete your experience.

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