Tradition of Healing Hands

Naturally Balancing Ayurveda Massage

Singapore’s Little India district is rich in culture and rooted in tradition. The colorful area offers a surge of flavors, sounds, fragrances and sights of all things Indian. For an exceptional experience, stop in at one of the numerous Ayurveda centers. The word Ayur is of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘long life’. Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world and is a completely naturalistic and holistic system of medicine for various kinds of ailments. It addresses the root cause of the disease – not just the disease and its symptoms, treating all aspects (physical, mental and spiritual) of an individual’s health – balancing the energies that constitute our nature and body.

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A Legendary Thai Massage

Situated in the hills surrounding Chiang Mai is a traditional Thai Massage School and Herbal Medical Centre called Baan Hom Samunphrai. Expert masseuse Maw Hom comes from a long line of Thai herbalists and massage therapists. Here visitors can experience a relaxing traditional herbal steam bath and learn about a more traditional approach to herbal medicine. Guests have been visiting the center for many years and the Lanna region has benefitted from people willing to re-educate themselves on a more traditional approach to medicine. Baan Hom also doubles up as Thai massage school and offers accommodation to those on extended courses. Why not spend a month here learning all about Thai massage and herbal remedies whilst absorbing the local culture.

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