Five Senses: A special touch to your journey

Hong Kong 5 Senses (Day Trip)

Hong Kong is a kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West; a city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn. Discover how traditional Eastern values live in harmony with the fast-paced Western influences in metropolitan Hong Kong. We start the day with a slow motion tai chi class that combines three senses: touch, sight and hearing (and possibly connects to a heightened sixth sense). During the hour-long lesson along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront guests enjoy fantastic views across Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island.

Then continue to a tea house and learn about the intricate rituals involved in drinking tea (smell and taste). A Chinese tea cup may look small, but it holds a great deal more than tea and water. The final stop will be our sensory highlight – a foot reflexology session (touch), which involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot. It’s based on the premises that our nerve zones or reflex points extend from our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way.

We then finish the tour with a drink at one of Hong Kong’s many rooftop bars. Here you will be able to appreciate the density of the city’s fabric whilst relaxing up and away from the hustle and bustle below (sight).

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Myanmar 5 Senses (Day Trip)

Across from the busy streets of downtown Yangon lies Dala’s small, busy roads full of trishaws, motorcycles and pedestrians. (Hear) bicycle bells as we cycle past smiling schoolchildren, stopping for photos and interacting with friendly locals along the way. The sensory highlight of this day trip will be a stop at Chu Chu plastic’s cooperative where men, women and their families make beautiful bags out of old plastic packaging. Feel (touch) and enjoy the array of eye-catching products that includes wallets, handbags and wine bottles.

Bikes in hand, we then board a small local row boat to access the car-free island of Sategyikanaungto. Cycle through stunning paddy fields and enjoy the verdant scenery that feels worlds away from the city (sight). A relaxing picnic lunch is served in the backyard of a local family, near a small bamboo grove before cycling a few more minutes to reach the pier for a slow boat ride back to Yangon.

The day ends in Lucky 7, where guests are treated to the distinctive scents (smell) and tastes of a famous tea shop. Hot cups of milk tea and samosas are enjoyed. Following the tea shop break it’s a short ride to the bike shop after to complete our sensory tour of Yangon.

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