Traditional Tastes

Arak is Bali’s Traditional Local Liquor

Whether poured into local cocktails or simply served on the rocks, handcrafted Arak is known for its pure taste. Often used for ceremonies as part of the offerings or in the celebrations that follow, Arak is a traditional spirit made from fermented white rice or coconut palm flower. It’s produced in most of the villages in East Bali and certainly enjoyed by the villagers themselves.

Get in touch with our team in Bali to arrange a distillery visit and experience the process of distilling spirits first-hand.

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Secret Hoi An Cocktail Experience

This curated cocktail evening adventure takes guests through ancient alleyways to some of Hoi An’s secret venues. Sampling unique cocktails inspired by local tropical flavors, guests sip in unexpected locations and century-old spaces. Venues change regularly and only the meeting point in Old Town is disclosed. At each stop, discover one of the five unique cocktails made just for this tour, you may even have a try at making your own! Your taste buds will be teased by local flavours and spices paired with simple yet delicious snacks.

During the short walks between locales and tasting sessions, you’ll hear stories from our knowledgeable chủ nhà or host, exploring the history of the Vietnamese relationship with the French, Japanese and Chinese merchants who came to trade in the city.

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Northern Thailand’s Karen White Whiskey (Lao Kao)

Lao Khao has a long history in Thailand and is entwined with many traditions. It is often present at ceremonies and celebrations, though in what quantities will depend on the leader of the village. However, if you are passing by a village in the north and one of the following is taking place, there is a good chance that Lao Khao is being shared. Lao Khao is often found at; Weddings, New Year celebrations, funerals, buffalo thanking ceremonies and at ghost festivals.

Visitors to Thailand can now taste this tradition with our two day trekking program that introduces the process of making Lao Khao. Leaving our base of Chiang Mai, we drive southwest for 90 minutes to Mae Wang National Park and discuss where we discuss trekking preferences and options with a professional guide. From the camp it is an enjoyable walk to a nearby Karen Village where local villagers instruct on the process of making traditional white whiskey and explain why it has such a colorful history.

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