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Sustainable Insights into Myanmar

For an extraordinary insight into Myanmar’s economic leaders who think about sustainable development, meet with Yin Myo Su at the Inle Heritage Center. When available, she leads a special tour around the different facilities of her projects comprised of a traditional Shan restaurant, a small adjoining vocational hospitality school, aquariums with endemic fish species from Inle Lake and her island of pure bred Burmese cats. As guests settle for lunch in the Shan restaurant, there is time for conversation with Yin Myo Su and further questions about her vision for Shan State. She also co-sponsors the Bamboo school for students in nearby villages as an alternative to rigid education systems. Their purpose is to teach elementary students how to learn while arousing their curiosity.

Yin Myo Su is an excellent speaker with many interesting engagements. As a Hotel Management professional she is a strong advocate for Shan culture and Inle Lake preservation – alongside woman empowerment. As a vocational training school founder she is passionate about educating youth from Shan state to open their minds and broaden their professional horizons.

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A Lecture on the Great Wall

Englishman William Lindesay was born in Wallasey in 1956 and studied geography and geology at Liverpool University. In 1987, he made what China’s official Xinhua News Agency described as “the most successful foreign exploration of the Great Wall,” by experiencing its ruins on foot for a distance of 2470 kilometers. The author of several books, Lindesay has also organized major “Great Wall Clean Ups” in an effort to prevent the natural scenery surrounding the Great Wall from being ruined by pollution and litter. This tour of the Great Wall is like nothing visitors have ever experienced before, led by one of the world’s most respected experts on the Wall in both ancient and modern times.

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