Historic & Momentous Moments

Exclusive Access to a Lantern Lit Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Japan

Kasuga Taisha Shrine was built around 1300 years ago when the first Japanese capital was established in Nara. It serves as a shrine to pray for happiness and national prosperity, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the grouping, “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”. The shrine is surrounded by a verdant forest that has been kept in its natural state for centuries – all located in the center of Nara city where people have coexisted with nature and have protected the surrounding environment for more than a thousand years.

In this exclusive visit, Kasuga Taisha Shrine opens its gates solely for your guests in the evening, after entrance is closed to the public. A Shinto priest serves as a guide and will take guests around the shrine where there are a thousand lanterns hung along the corridor. These lanterns were donated over the course of the more than one-thousand-year history of the shrine and are normally lit up only twice a year. However, to celebrate this visit to the shrine, the priests will light up the lanterns hanging in the corridor and allow guests to light their own lantern. The evening promises to be a unique and mystical experience that is certain to be a highlight of any journey to Japan.

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Regal Dining in the Grounds of the Stately Kraven Temple

Enjoy a magical and unforgettable dinner within the temples of Angkor Complex. Kravan Temple is a remarkable laterite and sandstone temple constructed in the 10th century consisting of five reddish brick towers on a common terrace. This ancient temple is still in excellent condition and provides the perfect location for a very magical evening.

A dinner within the temples of Angkor is a unique, spiritual and highly exclusive engagement. Destination Asia are able to make all the necessary private arrangements to deliver a captivating cultural experience. Dinner is served between a majestically lit temple and a terrace where dance performances take place, bordering a tree lined perimeter – a truly unforgettable experience.

Please note that this event is always subject to APSARA (Temple Authority) approval and the temple selection may vary depending on final number of guests.

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