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Kayaking in Hong Kong’s Geopark

Head out to Hong Kong’s magnificent Geopark just off the Sai Kung peninsula in a kayak. Here it’s possible to paddle through a stunning seascape of volcanically formed islands, columnar joints, sea arches, caves and beaches. A local guide paddles alongside, guiding us into caves and through sea arches as we explore these naturally formed wonders of the sea. From a nearby beach we climb out of our canoes and take a short walk up to a stunning mountain ridge with unhindered views across the Geopark below. Few people take the time to experience this natural side of Hong Kong and it is one definitely worth visiting!

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Kayaking on Nam Song River

The Nam Song River is a small and charming river that flows through the town of Vang Vieng in Northern Laos. It is ideal for kayaking as the river meanders through idyllic Laotian countryside and at times picks up pace to test your kayaking skills. This is also a region known for its striking karst rock formations – a sight that will never be forgotten as these jagged rocks pierce the landscape and vegetation clings to their side. On our journey we take time to visit a local organic farm where guests can enjoy tea or coffee before jumping back in our kayaks to continue along the majestic Nam Song River. All guests receive an introduction to the basics of kayaking before taking to the water.

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Rafting in Indonesia

The Ayung River is one of the longest rivers in Bali and offers exceptional whitewater rafting opportunities. Join in a thrilling adventure that combines whitewater experiences with some of Bali’s most prolific natural scenery. Explore the forests of Bali and enjoy spotting animals in the wild such as the striking Blue Javan Kingfisher before jumping back in your raft and heading downstream on a two-hour rafting journey covering 11km.

Alternatively, leave Bukit Lawang in the early morning as we drive to Bingei River for some white water rafting action. Upon arrival at the camp an expert rafting team will prepare your equipment including helmet, lifejacket, paddles and rubber boat. A scenic drive of around 30 minutes along rice paddies, traditional villages and through the dense forest will bring you to the starting point where a safety briefing is given by your instructor.

Rush into the first set of class II & III rapids, passing untamed rainforest and bizarre rock formations. All the while your professionally trained and experienced guide will call out instructions and safely navigate you and the raft through torrents, tight turns and inclined rapids. Enjoy the picturesque scenery along the way and end the action-packed experience after approx. 1.5 hours before driving back to the camp.

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