Ancient Chinese Medicine

Beijing’s Temple of Earth

The Temple of Earth is a tranquil park located in the heart of Beijing that has been designed according to basic Chinese medicine theory. Various regions of the body and their corresponding elements (for example, the “liver wood” region) are assigned to each area of the park, offering a unique way to learn about and experience this fascinating Chinese philosophy. Visitors can embark on a walking tour of the park where they can witness locals practicing Tai Chi, singing karaoke or simply taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of the Temple of Earth.

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The Historic Tongrentang Pharmacy

Visit one of the oldest pharmacies in all of China. Located on a picturesque pedestrianized street in the heart of Beijing, Tongrentang is a long-established traditional pharmacy where you can find all types of curious medications. During a visit to this two-story shop you will discover a variety of unusual teas, roots and herbs that add to traditional Chinese medicine. Of particular note are the prices here as one long, tangled ginseng root can go for thousands of US dollars. Practitioners here claim some of the products can alleviate symptoms and help treat illnesses such as diabetes or prevent hair loss.

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Chinese Foot Massage

A massage is not considered a rich man’s indulgence in China, but rather a viable and effective solution to managing stress and improving your general health. Visitors can try this relaxing treatment after a morning session of tai chi. This involves soaking your feet in a fragrant bath before sitting back and completely relaxing as you succumb to this healing art. Ticklish toes? Chinese foot massages use quite a bit of pressure and generally do not tickle, but other massage options are available if needed. Alternatively, enjoy a medicinal facial massage using a variety of local
herbs and salves to refresh your skin and relax your body.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Uncovered

In Hong Kong, where tradition and modernity effortlessly co-exist, the ancient potions used in traditional Chinese medicine are not considered alternative. Traditional Chinese medicine is an integral part of life and the way local people perceive health and treat illness. In Hong Kong, more than a fifth of all medical consultations are made with practitioners of Chinese medicine. This traditional form of healthcare reflect theories and experiences of Chinese physicians dating back over five millennia.

Visitors today can walk through the local medicinal goods market to learn about the unique ingredients used in traditional remedies before sitting down to their own consultation with a Chinese doctor. Guests will also get the opportunity to experience a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture. Local practitioners say that when acupuncture is coupled with recommended herbal remedies, it will assist you in balancing your qi (life energy).

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