Five Senses: Spectacular smells around Asia

Japan 5 Senses (Day Trip)

Engage all 5 senses on this innovative full day tour of Tokyo that focuses on the spellbinding array of scents that fill the air. Accompanied by an English-speaking local guide, we start the day off with a spectacular view of Tokyo’s famous landmark, Tokyo Skytree. This television broadcasting tower is the tallest building in the country and provides spectacular panoramic views of the city from its observation deck (sight).

The next part of the tour takes you to nearby Asakusa to learn how to play the traditional Japanese drums, wadaiko. Invigorate your senses of hearing and touch with the booming reverberations of these large drums. Then we head to Yanesen district, an area that exudes a relaxed old-town vibe thanks to the multitude of well-preserved traditional buildings. Treat your taste buds by snacking on local street food made by vendors who line the street.

Lastly, hone your sense of smell as you participate in a kodo ceremony (incense ceremony) that’s believed to improve mental clarity through concentration. Following the ceremonial formalities of this highly refined classical Japanese art, the kodo instructor lights traditional incense and passes around the incense burner for participants to smell.

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Vietnam 5 Senses (Day Trip)

During this four hour cycling trip you will visit some of the most iconic pagodas and temples found in the city and nearby villages surrounding the Red River. First stop is Quan Thanh Temple. Built in 541 and completed in 545 under the reign of King Ly Nam De, it is located on a southern peninsula of West Lake. From Tran Quoc we walk to the nearby Quan Thanh Pagoda. Set amidst green trees and surrounded by the lake, 6th century Tran Quoc features the most intricate of architecture and features a tower containing 66 statues of Buddha and is a feast for our eyes.

A car then takes you to Nhat Tan village with a visit to the flower gardens en route (smell, touch, sight). Once at the village you take to two wheels and begin the cycling tour. Peddle alongside the Red River dyke surrounded by the Nhat Tan flower gardens where heavenly scents fill the air. Stop and visit the peach blossom flower artisan Nguyen Van Toan and the local pottery market close to the river bank. At the end of the valley is Ngoc Chau park where you can drink traditional Vietnamese tea (taste) whilst being entertained by local musicians (hearing).

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