Spiritual Enlightenment

Meditate with a Burmese monk in Sagaing

Receive a memorable and spiritual introduction to meditation in Myanmar. Or if you already practice meditation, continue practicing to a higher level of enlightenment. Most Myanmar people know the basics of meditation and practice it on a daily basis throughout the country.

During our spiritual journey in Sagaing, guests stay at Sitagu Buddhist University to completely submerge in the local practices of Buddhism. Here they learn everything about the Buddhist way of life from the welcoming and open-minded monks and one abbot who run the center.

An English speaking monk will guide guests through their schedule and explain their dietary plan (consisting of two set meals a day). Various meditation techniques are practiced and explained during this inspirational itinerary that lasts two hours from 1 pm – 3 pm.

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Private Shrine Blessing in Tokyo

Step inside the world of Shinto, Japan’s native religion, with an exclusive shrine blessing in a Tokyo neighborhood. At Shitaya Shrine, which lies halfway between the popular sightseeing districts of Ueno and Asakusa, guests can enjoy a short blessing for safe travels, good fortune or any matter where you feel you may need a nudge from a higher power. Clients are with a guide for interpretation, so this gives them the chance to ask the priest any questions they may have about Shinto.

Shitaya Shrine, located in the Inaricho district between Asakusa and Ueno is said to have been founded in 730 AD. It was moved in 1627 and then again to its current-day location in 1703.

For the locals of Inaricho, this shrine holds a very special significance. During the fire bombings of WWII, much of Tokyo was destroyed. However, Shitaya Shrine and the area surrounding it were left standing. To this day locals believe the god of the shrine protected them – and continues to do so.

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Find Inspiration Through Meditation at a Retreat in Chiang Mai

All over the world, interest in meditation has increased to combat the stress of our modern world. Living a healthy lifestyle and meditation now go hand in hand, so it is fortunate that in Chiang Mai there are plenty of places to learn how to meditate and anyone is free to join the Buddhist lifestyle movement. Buddhism is less a religion, but rather a way of life. Meditation is simply and follows certain methods and values to make your life less stressful and content.

To meditate is different to other activities. Meditation involves almost no movement. While meditating we do nothing, we free ourselves from thought and look inward. Meditation can allow people to discover the power of silence, and the wonderful feeling of nothingness. Meditation reveals true happiness that comes from within.

Destination Asia can arrange multi-day Buddhist meditation programs with the objective to teach the learnings of Buddha and inspire people to continue to meditate in their daily life.

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A Monk Blessing Ceremony in Cambodia or Laos

Experience the spiritual atmosphere and unique tradition of a monk blessing ceremony. Guests are treated to a personal blessing from a monk during which time he will take you through a traditional ceremonial process by sprinkling water, jasmines and lotus flowers over each person. It is believed this traditional Khmer or Laos blessing ceremony cleanses bad spirits from the past and brings good luck for the future. It’s sure to leave each guest feeling surprisingly refreshed and relaxed after such a memorable experience.

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